AMy obenski & the carbone band

Track Listing

  1. I Wish You Were a Window 
  2. Fly 
  3. Some Kinda Change 
  4. Restless 
  5. Deep Blue Ocean 
  6. Maybe That Sitar 
  7. Rising From the Noise 
  8. Follow My Own Lead 
  9. In Paris 
  10. The Game 
  11. Searching for the Sun 
  12. Summer’s Here 
  13. Maybe That Sitar Reprise 

I wish I were a window

I’m going out of my mind 
thinking about you 
Why must our minds work this way? 
You’re like an echo that won’t fade away 

So you’re standing there before me 
No escaping 
I wish you were a window 

There’s no losing myself inside you 
Reflective painting 
I wish you were a window 

Following all of your heart 
is like dancing in the dark 
Inside and outside your skin 
is the same blind motion


How can I help it? 
It’s gonna bleed 
How can I help what’s inside of me? 
If you wanna change it then 
you’d better leave 
How can I help what’s inside of me? 

Fly fly fly, you don’t need no reason why 
Just fly 

How can you change it? 
It’s gonna lead 
How can you change what’s Eternity? 
If you can’t face it 
then try a new key 
There’s no denying Eternity 

Facing your Demons 
you’d better win 
They’re stealing your future, 
holding you in 
They’re keeping you captive 
You’re trapped in your skin 
You’d better face those demons within

Some Kinda Change

I’ve found many times that I’m still here 
and I’ve been down that road many times 
and I’m still near a conclusion 
And that’s fine for the rest of me 
but as for the best of me, 
It’s still waiting there… 

…for some kinda change to come 
for some kinda change to come and set me free 
for some kinda change to come, 
oh honey please 

I rise many times but I still fear 
And I’ve changed my mind then I find 
my heart still unclear 
And I know my life has been kind 
It’s blown my mind many times 
then I find myself waiting there


People saying all these things about me, 
this and that of how they think I be, 
rolling over theories so convincing, 
greedy, selfish, thoughtless little thief 

But the truth is that my soul is feeling restless, 
restless for the things that I could be, 
looking for the answer in a wish list, 
anywhere but right in front of me 
Doo doo doo 

People thinking, talking about my business 
None of that should really bother me 
Friends they come and go, that is forgiveness 
The ones that matter most will never leave 

I got my head in the clouds 
but my feet on the ground 
and I’m flying flying flying toward home

Deep Blue Ocean

There’s a picture in my mind 
where I’m glowing all the time 
and the light surrounding me 
is like swimming in the sea 
Deep Blue Ocean 

How long must we hold on? 
How long must we sing this song? 
And we fight to find our fate 
You must fight to find your way 

As I work to find that place 
it’s like coming face to face 
with the stars and the space 
where my words have no grace 
Deep Blue Ocean 

I arrive in a space 
It’s a clearing in the maze 
And the pace that carried me 
is now drifting out to sea 
Deep Blue Ocean

Maybe That Sitar

There’s a song 
buried in my consciousness 
I want to protest 
Keep it down 
No one needs to hear this mess 
Give it a rest 

And then it breaks out it’s revenge 
and grabs hold of my intent 
Holds me under ‘til I’m drowning 
Down and down I go 
‘til I call uncle at the bottom 
and let it all flow, let it all flow 
And flow I go 

On the surface 
my naked song is all exposed 
I want to clothe it 
Give it bass, sitar 
and guitare électrique 
Bring in the drum kit 

And I’m going up and out 
over the stars 
with my guitar 
and maybe that sitar

Rising from the Noise

Are you cool enough 
to listen to my song? 
Are you hip enough 
to maybe hum along? 
We can break through the noise 
and the beats and bops 
You can tap your feet 
and maybe sing along 

Can you hear me 
rising from the noise? 
Can you see me 
bringing you love and joy? 
Can you feel me? 
I’m feeling you, 
we’re feeling free 
Can you hear me 
rising from the noise? 

They think music 
is all about the dance party 
They’ve got hairdos 
and funky fashion energy 
yet underneath this 
their song is sinking, 
it can’t breathe 
Let them do their thing 
Find a friend and follow me 

I’ve been up and down these tired walls, 
watching how I rise and fall 
I’ve explored the emptiness 
way down deep inside my soul