Grow to Catch the Wind

Amy Obenski

Track Listing

  1. Roots 
  2. Waves of moments 
  3. Watch it all fall 
  4. Princess song 
  5. Love Song 
  6. Resolution 
  7. Space and Time 
  8. Anchor 
  9. Stay 
  10. Chelsea Hotel 
  11. All These Rivers 
  12. Who am I


When I look in your eyes 
I wanna crawl way deep inside 
away from my mind 
I wanna go where I will not show 

Far into this life 
I wanna find something more 
than what I found before 
I wanna go way down in your soul 
way down in my soul 
way down where they collide 
and take flight 

But my heart holds on so quickly 
to anything that moves 
pawing at the surface 
and laying down it’s roots 

Climbing into your cave 
I wanna feel a place that’s safe 
away from the grey 
I wanna hide where I can not shine 


Looking under the lights 
I wanna leave something more 
than what I left before 
I wanna go way down in my soul 
way down in my soul 
way down where I am whole 
and be sewn 

But my heart holds on so quickly 
to anything that moves 
pawing at the surface 
and laying down it’s roots 
But these roots weren’t meant for gripping 
they grow to catch the wind 
They’re fingers fly into the sky 
Growing roots under my skin

Waves of Moments

I’m always looking forward 
I’m always running round 
I’m always looking forward 
Can’t keep my feet on the ground 

When I’m here I look behind me 
I never turn to where I am 
Never pleased within the moment 
I keep on moving once again 

But I could practice satisfaction 
with every move that I have 
My dreams fulfilled this very moment 
No better place than where I am 

I’m building to an ending 
where I can catch my breathe 
but only to discover 
there is no place to rest 
And you can’t catch the waves of moments 
no matter how hard that you try 
My only hope is in the pleasure 
of watching memories pass by 


Watch it all Fall

There’s a stone in my heart 
rolling around in empty space 
Echoing loudly, drugs calling out proudly 
in it’s broken place 
And it’s hard but it’s true hearing the call 
And it’s clear but it’s far reaching to fall 

And I know how to 
pull up those straps from my heals 
And I know how to 
make all those hard working bills 
And I know how not to 
break another man’s heart 
But it’s music, pilule but it’s music 
And I’ll watch it all crumble around me 
Yeah I’ll watch it all Fall to the ground 

Ear to the ground 
crawling around on the filthy floor 
Feeling the smoothness 
hearing the movement I reach for the door 
And it’s dark but it’s here 
I know that it’s here 
So I wait, wait to feel 
the edge getting near 


Princess Song

I used to wanna be a princess 
I used to wanna be a princess 
and I’d live just like a princess lived 
I’d love just like a princess loved 

I used to wanna be a gymnast 
I used to wanna be a gymnast 
and I’d jump just like a gymnast jumps 
I’d fly just like a gymnast flies (so high) 

But Oh, look what I turned out to be 
oh, all I am is me 

I used to wanna be a diver 
I used to wanna be a scuba diver 
and I’d swim just like a diver swims 
I’d see just what a diver sees 


I used to wanna be a singer 
I used to wanna be a singer 
and I’d breathe just like a singer breathes 
I’d soar just like a singer soars 

But Oh, look what I turned out to be 
oh, all I am is me 
What I am is free

Love Song

This is my forbidden love song 
Just carve me with an “A” 
No words will erase your name 
and no lack of pictures 
will keep your image at bay 

Transmit and be gone 
So many times I wished you away 
Like an ache that just has it’s way 
Like a boat that continues to sway 

Don’t you leave me here, pharmacy lover, case no 
Don’t you leave me here 
to make up my mind 
We both know this ain’t over 
and we both know you got better things 
to do with your time than wait for me 
Don’t wait for me 
but I wan’t you to wait for me 
Wait, wait, wait…


Resolution is a word 
meant to comfort our minds 
Resolution, healing how absurd 
Covering up our lies 

‘Cause we are here 
and we’re not going anywhere 
and we didn’t come from anywhere else 
and we can never disappear 
‘Cause we are here 
and we’re not going anywhere 
and our past is only on paper 
and we have nothing to fear 

I thought I was gone today 
but I went on anyway 
and then I started to sing 
and it began to rain 
My future is an illusion 
I can make a plan today 
but it feels so fatal and fake 


And then there’s the question 
of you and I walking side by side 
‘til the end of time 
Whether we’re together or apart 
I think we know in our hearts 
it’s only Resolution 


Space and Time

I am drifting through this space and time 
looking back to when things were fine 
Can I get back to that? 

Don’t know why I can’t be happy 
with what I had before 
What’s risen to the surface 
is needing so much more 
I force myself to sit and ponder 
My will power wearing thing 
I take my freedom and my passion 
and focus it within 
Can I look into that? 

Someone there inside me knows 
that there’s no place to go 
so I run to my center 
just as fast as I can go 
Can you pull me through that? 

My reward for being here is 
on the other side 
While I can’t run there fast enough 
it wants to take it’s time 
These growing pains aren’t here to stay 
but they do leave a scar 
I’ll give up pride and vanity 
to break on through the dark 
Can we break on through that?


On this lovely rainy day 
I can see myself astray 
with the light of a flicker 
In this lovely loneliness 
I can see myself distressed 
with the hands of a shiver 

And I see the things I do 
and I see the ways I be 
and I wonder if it’s me (at all) 

In this crazy long embrace 
you can see it in my face 
with the calm of an anchor 
In this crazy life I guess 
you can see it’s just a test 
when the rain hit’s the ocean 


In this silent road of rage 
we can tell it to the page 
with the release of laughter 
In this silent prayer for peace 
we can tell it from our knees 
with the hope of a sailor