News & Musings

News & Musings

Coffee with Amy One-Year Anniversary! 

I'm giving away an MP3 album to one person who pre-registers for my Coffee with Amy One-Year Anniversary show via Eventbrite.  The event is this Sunday at 10am!  Mimosas, coffee, pajamas and party attire encouraged.  

My Artist Sustainability Program 

I've started a new sub-group for my most caring and devoted fans! If you subscribe to my Artist Sustainability Program you will be supporting the music and the next album.  You can access it through my Online Store.  I am sharing my creative process with this group through exclusive emails. This is not the same as my regular email list! I have journals full of lyrics and chords and song ideas recorded on my phone.  I'd love to share all of this with you so that you can follow along with me in my creative journey.  It's only 10 bucks a month.  Curious?  Please check out more at my Online Store.  

My Last Weekly Coffee with Amy 

I've had an amazing time doing my Coffee with Amy live streams every week. I've done sixteen consecutive Sundays. This Sunday will be seventeen! I'm sad and hesitant to share with you this Sunday will be my last for a while. I won't be gone. I might bring back Coffee with Amy in some form, or do other live streams or both! I just need a moment to work on some other projects and give the live streams a break. I'll miss you a ton but I promise I'll be back.  Here's the link to the final event.