Bein’ Free

Out in the Wilderness, physician I close my eyes.
All I hear and feel is the wind against my side.
And I wonder if there’s more to be
More to be that bein’ free.

I shield my head as the leaves hit my face.
I wonder if there’s more to us than human race.
Is there a world where we exist in harmony?
Is there a place where we have always been free?

I realize it’s all inside.
I need your help please, be my guide.
I’ve got to choose no parachute.
Push me out to sky- how can I loose

A man approaches me, he starts to plead his case.
All I am to him is just a pretty face.
And I’ve done the same, I’ve looked in your eyes
I’ve seen the color but I haven’t seen the size.

I have a dream of me lining castles in a row.
They’re going on and on, they’ve got no where to go
And then a bigger me comes blowing into time
I take my hand and I brush them all aside.

It’s all the same old questions
so tired of my reflection
There’s nothing worth to follow
When I get to the middle it is hollow.

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