Who Am I

I have felt at times
that I am becoming someone else’s mind
but now I have come full circle
eye to eye with myself
It’s time to fly
time to let it shine

But who am I?

And there’s nothing there to say
but it changes from day to day
and I’ll never be the same, viagra buy thank God
Will someone please write me a note
let it float down to where it wants to float
way down deep into my soul
where it belongs

Who am I?

There’s a record in my soul
playing the same song on my radio
The static, price it comes and it goes
but in between the noise
I hear what I need to know

Who am I?

I am standing on the edge
Don’t know where my jump will lead
except to a deeper part of me
where I belong
I know you’ve given so much
and I know I’ve taken a lot
still I’ve given all I’ve got
I hope you know

Who am I?

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