Send Me

You’re hanging

hanging around my door

because your house

doesn’t welcome you anymore

looking for truth

looking for something more

thinking I know how to take you

There’s nothing

nothing there to show you

it’s a mystery to me

I’m just here for the program 

I won’t settle for any ordinary show

I’m sticking around for the encore

Then these words come to me

like a whisper

like a breeze gently blowing

through my sweater

chilling me

yet I chase the sound of thunder

knock me off my feet and Send Me

Like a taste, sweet yet bitter

not the news I want to hear

but something better

that sound shakes me awake

jars my splender

that sleepy, half awake, 

comfort center

Your troubled

troubled mind shows through

your gaping eyes

with that crazy smile

looking ungrounded

looking miles high

thinking I know how to land you

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