Green Banks

There’s a world by the wayside

where I’ve firmly stuck my claim

a parallel beauty aside us

in the future upon us will reign

the grasses will grown in chaos

the rose with it’s aphids, adorned

by the mess of a world that has waited

for the start of an age to be born

Green Banks on the water

green banks on the riverside

green banks come alive from the water

green banks are a tumbling down

It’s an age we all have envisioned

somehow we all want the same thing

yet we all choose to just keep on fighting

rather than sit down and let it begin

Sit with me and look closer

let our world through our eyes, collide

like a rainbow shining through darkness

see our loneliness just in our minds

a connection far greater than meaning

a meaning with no where to stand

the emptiness first was proceeding

a beauty exquisite and grand

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