Just a Little Hiccup – Tour Cancelation

So three weeks ago I had a little mishap. I fractured my foot while hiking. I rolled my foot stepping down from a rock and…. bam! It’s slowed me down a lot. I’ve still been able to make my local shows. I just had to schedule some roadies to carry my gear and set up for me. The sad part is this: I decided to cancel my August Tour Dates. If you’ve been following along you may have seen dates pop up in Utah and Colorado. They are all canceled.

It’s possible I could have pushed through and done them but more than anything I want a foot that is fully functioning in my future. So I decided not to push it. It’s different when it’s your arm or something, but when it’s your foot and you need to carry gear back and forth across who knows what terrain and up and down stairs…. well, it’s just too much too soon. So my lovelies out in Utah and Colorado you will just have to wait. I’m so sorry. I’ll be back in the swing soon enough. I miss you.