From the Deep

Amy Obenski

Track Listing

  1. Gravity 
  2. Clearly Today 
  3. Words On a Page 
  4. Wheels 
  5. Rattling Our Cages 
  6. Mountains O’ Things 
  7. Send Me 
  8. Rainbow 
  9. Green Banks 
  10. Long Ago 
  11. From the Deep 
  12. Because of a Lady in France 
  13. Poem


I traveled far from the ocean 
to see what secrets are hidden there 
I am a being of motion 
a changing design with hopes and fears 

Perspective came to me so clearly 
the world turning on it’s axis 
we stick to it because of Gravity 
us being here is no accident 

I swam deep into the ocean 
to find what treasures are buried there 
the sea is a body of motion 
changing tides and restless air 
Travel on… 

The rhythm turns into a pulse 
the earth breathes in and out 
we cling on, we won’t give up 
dancing forever in a perfect waltz

Words on a page

People avoid people 
that’s the way that it goes 
on the bus line commute 
in the elevator stalls 
watching numbers light up 
looking down at their shoes 
or within empty spaces 
where there’s nothing to lose 

And I picture myself 
making a scene 
I picture myself 
breaking their daze 
I picture myself 
going against the grain 
but I’m sitting here silently 
writing down Words On a Page 

I like to steal glances 
at the people around 
but I look away 
when they turn around 
I check out their beauty 
I check out their style 
I pretend I’m not looking 
when they catch my smile 

I’d make fun of the moment 
I’d say “hello” 
tell them my name 
ask them to let it show 
tell me “what are you here for?” 
tell me “what makes you glow?” 
can’t you give me a moment 
you can call your own

Clearly Today

Something’s in the way 
of me seeing Clearly Today 
and that fog that surrounds my brain 
is getting thicker now 
thicker every day 

Tell me, tell me nothing’s wrong 
tell me I am here now 
so this is what’s going on 
growing, growing in the light 
coming into focus, figures 
colors burning bright 

Sheltered by an umbrella, I’m dry 
but then I wander out into the rain 
I’m cold, I’m wet, but I’m alive 
and water runs into my face 
into my ears, into my eyes 
and I am crying but I am alive


Andy’s hating what he loves 

cause he’s working all day long 
Ted’s working like a dog 
so his kids don’t lose a home 
the more we seem to have 

the less we get to feel 

we think we’re moving forward 

but we’re spinning on our Wheels 

He’s working in the day time 

he’s working in the night 

he’s working on the weekends 

but everything will be alright 

’cause he’s got a paycheck coming 
he’s raking in the bills 

never mind he’s lost his passion 

and given up his will 

All of Mexico is praying 
to somehow cross the border 

and I’m wishing I could tell them 
there’s something wrong with this new order 

maybe we’re just spoiled 

getting lazy, rich, and fat 

but there’s something more than this power 

and I’m not forgetting that

Rattling our Cages

Step up to the edge 

it’ll be alright 

we can fly off into heaven 

like birds taking flight 

we can dance around the garden 

Rattling Our Cages 

anything tonight 

anything tonight

Send Me

You’re hanging 
hanging around my door 
because your house 
doesn’t welcome you anymore 
looking for truth 
looking for something more 
thinking I know how to take you 

There’s nothing 
nothing there to show you 
it’s a mystery to me 
I’m just here for the program 
I won’t settle for any ordinary show 
I’m sticking around for the encore 

Then these words come to me 
like a whisper 
like a breeze gently blowing 
through my sweater 
chilling me 
yet I chase the sound of thunder 
knock me off my feet and Send Me 

Like a taste, sweet yet bitter 
not the news I want to hear 
but something better 
that sound shakes me awake 
jars my splender 
that sleepy, half awake, 
comfort center 

Your troubled 
troubled mind shows through 
your gaping eyes 
with that crazy smile 
looking ungrounded 
looking miles high 
thinking I know how to land you


I walk to see the darkness 
I walk to see the sun 
I journey through the ages 
return to fit my glove 

I look inside and all I find is love 

I walk to find the devil 
I walk to find a god 
wrestle with salvation 
tap out to smell the smog 

I look inside and all I find is love 
now why would I 
want more to find than love? 

My love’s a Rainbow 
many colors deep 
a drunken fool 
an angry beast 

A light to bright for eyes 
a black to thick to see 
current too strong for courage 
a slope to steep to ski