“Overall, Restless is an album you can’t just play once and let it collect dust. You will find the array of
tunes on this album to be most delightful and pleasantly acceptable to be put on “repeat.” From Sarah
Mclachlan to Natalie Merchant and from the sixties era Carole King through to the nineties era Frente!,
Amy is able to expand her vocal influences and chosen instrumentation for a variety of listening
pleasure that showcases both her progressive and adult contemporary sound.”

Modern Mark, KSCU Radio
July 2014

“Obenski’s sultry songwriting style grows out of a deep need to examine everything around her. ‘My inspiration comes from my analytical nature—I’m an observer of things, the way people act, the way social interactions occur and my relationship to them. And it often turns into a song.’ Beautiful ballads that were originally straight piano/guitar compositions have sonic string arrangements on the newest release, Grow to Catch the Wind.” View the whole article.

Good Times Santa Cruz
December 2011

“I had the pleasure of welcoming Amy Obenski to the Brooklands Radio studios for a live session during her recent travels through Europe, and I was left with fond memories of a charming, eloquent and clearly passionate singer song-writer who writes gentle and ear-pleasing songs. Her voice is effortless, and possesses a definite warmth and charm as she delivers each verse. Her songs are well written and produced with great string and piano arrangements.

Her brand new album, “Grow to Catch The Wind” is a collection of exquisitely produced songs, each one better than the last, and one of those rare albums where every track is likable. I particularly like “Watch It All Fall“, a deliciously melancholic song with great keys, strings and memorable hooks; “Resolution“, a haunting piece with very catchy chorus and magnificent cello arrangements; “Anchor” is one of those songs you could easily play during a cold icy winter’s night in a warm room by an open log fire and instantly feel OK with the World!

Amy Obenski will capture your heart and her songs will leave you with a warm glow. “Grow To Catch the Wind” has rarely been away from my in-car CD player since I received my copy of the album, and I dare say Amy’s voice and music will accompany me on many more journeys!”

David Durant
Head of Live & Unsigned Music
Brooklands Radio (UK)
December 2011

“From her ability to raise money on Kickstarter to produce her newest CD, to having a song appear on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Amy Obenski is a 21st century girl with 19th century style. Her muse is lyrically haunting—like chasing dreams the wrong way up one-way streets—cascading in between lush string arrangements. In person, Obenski takes the otherworldly charm of Stevie Nicks, the Wiccan goddess with the golden pipes—but more au natural and less drug-induced. Think Cowboy Junkies meets Natalie Merchant in a methadone clinic. ”

Good Times Santa Cruz
December 2011

“With Jazz-steeped compositions that move from haunting to soothing in one intuitive swoop… we find a talented artist reaching her creative peak. Soaking up the eclectic beauty of her surrounding Santa Cruz and infusing it into her music, Obenski’s honey-flowing tunes possess incredible depth and a natural grace.”

Performer Magazine

“Amy Obenski is the sort of artist who deserves to achieve big things, and with any luck she’ll do just that and ride the wave of the female singer/songwriter genre in its post-Feist-iPod resurgence… it is likely that her new release From the Deep will continue her rise to stardom.”

Silicon Valley Metro

“…Intimate and emotive original tunes oscillate between the confessional and the acutely observational.”

Good Times Santa Cruz

“Obenski will hook even the most hardened cynic…”

Performing Songwriter

“I can’t believe this is only Amy Obenski’s second record. The songs on Kite are not only fantastic, but there doesn’t seem to be a single wasted note. Obenski’s voice is haunting and the arrangements compliment the vocals perfectly… Great record and I can’t wait to see her live.”

High Bias


“Santa Cruz ‘native’ Amy Obenski sounds like a native of the smoky urban den of New York City. Her voice is passionate and genuine with sincere lyrics and gentle songwriting. As far as female singer/songwriters go, often they go unnoticed and it’s unfortunate. Amy Obenski employs breathy jazzy vocals with luxurious catchy hooks that bend and drip down your spine giving you a nice tingle of delight.”

Smother Magazine


“If you’re a nascent musician, you may feel as though the likelihood of releasing an album and having it gain nationwide attention must be a struggle bordering on the impossible, even in this era of Myspace superstars. Well, it’s not impossible, and I’ve got the CD to prove it: Kite, by Amy Obenski.”

Estrogenius Radio


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