Manipulated Winter

Manipulated Winter in the Summer
Manipulated Winter in the Spring
The past is far behind us
Don’t we know that this world is all a fantasy

Manipulated Winter in the Summer
Encapsulated hours in the breeze.
The sun is setting faster than the moments
Wring our hands free of dreams we wish to be.

Pass through the daytime, stomach Pass through the night
No line between us, stomach Still we choose to fight
Fight like an army marching through the Winter storm
Fight for the heartache that we blame each other for.

A lesson for the preacher, order we’re all leaders.
A lesson for the teacher, we’re all wise.
A message for the chorus, don’t we know that
We are all born to live and die

We try to make some reason for the season
Try to make some answers to the rhyme
Just let your heart beat faster with the laughter
Of filling our glasses with the richest of time.

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