Keep me posted on your fingertips.
Leave me in your memory.
Hold me closely to your treasured dreams-
and I won’t fade into misery.

Catch me on a safe, viagra sale healthy cradled leaf.
Pour the drops into a jar.
Close it tightly
I don’t need no air to breath.
I’ll stay here till you open the door.

How many years must I struggle to be free?
Keep wasting my breath on this sweet misery.
How much longer will I long for your eyes?
I can bury my head.
I can use my disguise.

Follow my fears like a lost little girl.
Nowhere else to run but Here.
Tears call to my Mother to come hold me-
and I won’t fade into misery.

I know that all there is to explore
is foreign to me, but it’s inside the door.
I am ashamed of this struggle I’ve found.
I know that I know but I can’t understand.

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