As We Go Down

So much debating on the news tonight
Should there be war, help who is wrong and who is right
Aggression runs deep in the veins of our nation
Those for war, those for peace, both choose to fight

I must have compassion for our president
I don’t even know him, he seems so distant
I want to know the thoughts that run through his mind
I wonder what sort of beauty I’d find

Nature will take to my stand
She knows that everything comes around
We’re gonna watch ourselves burn to the ground
And I’ll be loving you as we go down

We make enemies of our friends
You know we’re all the same in the end
Their cries are deafening to my ears
So loud, I can’t believe you don’t hear

I can outnumber the soldiers
I can outnumber the guns
I can run them all down with my words
And disarm them

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