Space and Time

I am drifting through this space and time
looking back to when things were fine
Can I get back to that?

Don’t know why I can’t be happy
with what I had before
What’s risen to the surface
is needing so much more
I force myself to sit and ponder
My will power wearing thing
I take my freedom and my passion
and focus it within
Can I look into that?

Someone there inside me knows
that there’s no place to go
so I run to my center
just as fast as I can go
Can you pull me through that?

My reward for being here is
on the other side
While I can’t run there fast enough
it wants to take it’s time
These growing pains aren’t here to stay
but they do leave a scar
I’ll give up pride and vanity
to break on through the dark
Can we break on through that?

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