Words on a Page

People avoid people

that’s the way that it goes

on the bus line commute

in the elevator stalls

watching numbers light up

looking down at their shoes

or within empty spaces

where there’s nothing to lose

And I picture myself

making a scene

I picture myself

breaking their daze

I picture myself

going against the grain

but I’m sitting here silently

writing down Words On a Page

I like to steal glances

at the people around

but I look away 

when they turn around

I check out their beauty

I check out their style

I pretend I’m not looking

when they catch my smile

I’d make fun of the moment

I’d say “hello”

tell them my name

ask them to let it show

tell me “what are you here for?”

tell me “what makes you glow?”

can’t you give me a moment

you can call your own

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