Take this Poem and make it 

something you can relate to

take this poem and visualize it 

living in your dreams

take this scribble and make some

music new yet familiar

your judgments and your worries

meet my words in harmony

How can I make this new each time

my banter and boredom 

bouncing around my mind

how can I make this new each time

doing cartwheels and jumping jacks 

in front of my lies

Take this face and make it

something you could smile with

take these eyes and make them 

fit into your gaze

take my mind and make it

match acceptance and reason

I’m fitting in and falling out

and standing on my own

Take these tricks and call them

something close to uniqueness

take these arms and pull them

around your embrace

my building blocks to emptiness

start with all my reasons

is my path taking me farther

or am I coming close to home

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