Carbon Conscious Tour

Carbon Conscious Spring Tour

The Scoop on Climate Change and Trees

Currently, the burning of tropical forests contributes to between 12% and 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions which is more CO2 than the entire transportation sector combined! Once burned, these forests do not regenerate and the species and local communities that depend on them are lost forever. Additionally, the burning of tropical forests creates a negative feedback loop which furthers desertification and the warming of the planet. The most effective, cheapest, and fastest way to limit our global emissions is to protect tropical forests from destruction. (Carbon Tree)

Carbon Conscious Tour

To raise awareness about this issue, I’m going on a three-month “Carbon Conscious” Tour for Spring of 2012. The vision is to tour and play music, burn as little fuel as possible, raise awareness and pay for my carbon offsets. And though it is ironic to burn fuel and raise awareness about climate change, it is also perfect in many ways.

Music touring is extremely heavy on fuel, and I think so many big, well known artists are really wasteful when it comes to fuel: traveling around in huge buses, not paying offsets, etc. I’m a professional musician with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies, and it’s a struggle every day to try and lower my consumption. This tour would be my way of giving back.

I’ll be focusing my efforts on the Carbon Tree Conservation Fund. Carbon Tree works to reduce carbon emissions caused by tropical deforestation and to protect biodiversity and endangered habitats.

I will be offsetting the cost my tour has on the environment by donating money to Carbon Tree. And during the tour I will be encouraging others to also pay to offset their carbon emissions from their activities.

Learn more about Carbon Tree.

Carbon Offsets

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of greenhouse gasses in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere. For example, to make up for the car and airplane pollution from my tour, I will be paying money to Carbon Tree, who will put that money toward the prevention of deforestation, thus preventing the release of more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.


Money donated to the tour will be spent on carbon offsets, greening the tour, and some travel costs if needed. If there is any money left over it will be donated to Carbon Tree. Right now we are looking to raise about a thousand dollars. If you’d like to donate please send money via paypal.

Sponsor the Tour

I am looking for sponsors! Being a sponsor can mean anything from giving money to donating services or items. If you are interested in sponsoring the tour please contact me at and I’ll send you more details.


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