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Give a Meaningful Gift – Signed CDs, Posters and T’s!

November 30, 2015


Can you think of someone who should hear my music?  This year I’m mailing discounted signed CDs, plus posters and T-shirts directly to whomever you’d like.  I will also include a holiday card with a message from you with both our names at the end!  You just tell me what you’d like to say and I’ll write the card and mail your gift.  Cool, right?

With this gift you are doing more than you think!  You’re not just sharing music with others, which is already a beautiful gesture.  You’re also taking a stand by showing that you support all independent music.   In addition, you’re giving a personal gift to me by helping me share music with the world.

Here’s the pricing including shipping to the United States:

1 signed CD:  $15

2 or more signed CDs:  $12 each

1 signed CD + Tshirt:  $25

1 signed CD + T + Poster:  $35

Box set with 6 CDs + T + Poster:   $55

Send an email via the contact page to place an order or request more information.   I am taking payments via PayPal.   T-shirts run small in male and female (M, L, XL, XXL) and come in dark grey or light blue.  (I will need to add shipping for International orders.)  I’m looking forward to spreading music around the world with you.  Contact me!  Thank you!



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