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An Emptiness to Fill – Coming soon!
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The Re-Defined Fundraiser Is Here!

November 13, 2013

The new and improved fundraiser and pre-sale is here! You can go straight there now at Kiss Kiss Bank Bank.

On the site you’ll see new photos of the bands, different rewards, and lots of cool content. You have thirty days to participate. And it’s the same as before, we need to reach our goal to collect the funds.

Please note that the funds that you donated to our project before could not be collected. Which is why we had to create a new project. We must raise 2180 euros to complete a digital version of the album. Once we reach 3780 euros, we can also produce the CD. If 3780 euros is not reached during Part I of the project, we will launch a Part II in 2014 to finish the CD.

Thanks so much for your support! I’ll keep you posted!


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