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Pre-Release MP3s Available

April 3, 2014

This Thurs­day I’m send­ing the pre-release mp3s out to all my sup­port­ers of the new album. If you want to get pre-release mp3s make sure to donate now! I can’t guar­an­tee you’ll get them right away this late in the game but you’ll def­i­nitely get them within the next few weeks, long before the release. Plus your sup­port will help us print the phys­i­cal copies! Donate Here

The Fundraiser Continues Through PayPal!

January 7, 2014

I’ve had two kinds of fundrais­ers for the next album. It seems like the never-ending fundraiser at this point! :-) I’ve been work­ing hard to fig­ure out the best solu­tions for fans in both France and the U.S. The last fundraiser was tar­geted more to Europe, so I’ve now cre­ated a fundraiser through Pay­Pal that does not have an end date. You can donate when­ever you want! We still need $1100 more to fin­ish the album print­ing. You can pre-order your dig­i­tal album for $13 and you’ll be con­tribut­ing to the fundraiser as well. Please check it out!

The First Goal Was Reached by 114 Percent !

December 10, 2013

I’m very happy to announce that Part I of my fundraiser was suc­cess­ful. In fact it was so suc­cess­ful that I sur­passed the first goal! This is very good news, because I still need 1100 dol­lars to com­plete the entire album, CDs in hand. I will be launch­ing a new way to donate for Part II as soon as pos­si­ble. So please stay tuned. I’m very grate­ful for every­one who got in on the fundraiser in the first stage. Thank you so much for being a part of this, trust­ing me, and help­ing me get the music into the world.

New Live Video of Carousel

November 27, 2013

Today I have a spe­cial treat for you. The first live video made from my con­cert at La Mai­son des Arts in Nantes, France. I’m play­ing with The Car­bone Band in an audi­to­rium. We should have more videos like this one on the way. I’m happy to unleash them unto the World! Enjoy!

The Re-Defined Fundraiser Is Here!

November 13, 2013

The new and improved fundraiser and pre-sale is here! You can go straight there now at Kiss Kiss Bank Bank.

On the site you’ll see new pho­tos of the bands, dif­fer­ent rewards, and lots of cool con­tent. You have thirty days to par­tic­i­pate. And it’s the same as before, we need to reach our goal to col­lect the funds.

Please note that the funds that you donated to our project before could not be col­lected. Which is why we had to cre­ate a new project. We must raise 2180 euros to com­plete a dig­i­tal ver­sion of the album. Once we reach 3780 euros, we can also pro­duce the CD. If 3780 euros is not reached dur­ing Part I of the project, we will launch a Part II in 2014 to fin­ish the CD.

Thanks so much for your sup­port! I’ll keep you posted!

New Album Fundraiser Coming Soon

October 29, 2013

I am work­ing on redefin­ing my album fundrais­ing cam­paign. The last one didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped so I need to take a new approach. Rest assured we are still in the stu­dio, mak­ing the album. At least that part is hap­pen­ing. Hang in there. You’ll see a new album pre-sale very soon!

Next Album Fundraiser — Donate and Pre-order Online!

September 30, 2013

The fundraiser for my next album is now live! Please watch the video that intro­duces the band and has some musi­cal snip­pets. Visit Kickstarter.com to read more and donate. Please help spread the word by telling friends and col­leagues! Thank you so much! You are my inspiration!

Dublin City Radio Interview

September 10, 2013

A part of my Dublin radio inter­view will air tomor­row, Wednes­day, from 11:30am-12:30pm in Dublin. That’s 3:30am-4:30am (Wednes­day) in Cal­i­for­nia for you night owl’s, and 12:30–13:30 for my Frenchies out there. My lit­tle snip­pet will prob­a­bly air in the sec­ond half. And the radio host, Sean Bro­phy, will be air­ing more of it in the future, a lit­tle bit at a time. Lis­ten online! http://www.dublincityfm.ie/

Greetings from Dublin!

August 13, 2013

I’m hav­ing a fan­tas­tic time in Dublin, Ire­land. I had a cou­ple musi­cal appear­ances that were well received. I’m also catch­ing lots of great live music and just get­ting inspired by this old town. I’ll be play­ing the Zodiac Ses­sions at Bruxelle’s (Dublin) on Wednes­day night is any­one is in the area. See you soon!


July 22, 2013

I’m writ­ing this from Nantes, France! I had a fan­tas­tic show with The Car­bone Band just two days after my arrival. And now I’ve had another week to set­tle in. I have a lot of prac­tice with the Band this week in prepa­ra­tion for our future con­certs, record­ing, and an artist in res­i­dence project this Fall. Also, it looks like I’m going to Dublin and Lon­don. Shows there are being booked now! Please stay tuned. And you can see all the lat­est pho­tos I’m post­ing on Face­book Page — www.facebook.com/amyobenski See you out there!

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